Coping up with COVID 19 Stress

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Coping up with COVID 19 Stress

Before we get on to the points of how to cope up with current situation,  would like you to ask couple of questions:

  1. Is COVID 19 the first deadly disease humankind is encountering?
  2. Is COVID 19 the most significant cause of illness/death even today in the world?

Undoubtedly, there are reasons to worry about this situation and at the same time, it is very important to recollect and remember that this is not something new or to be anxious about.

Some major reasons for stress include

  1. Minute to minute update on the new cases and causalities
  2. Lack of update on treatment strategies and number of recoveries

How to cope up with the situation (in addition to regular COVID precautionary measures) depends on the background, occupation, age and health condition of the individuals.

For those who are educated and healthy

  1. Time to accomplish your work goals, plan for the rest of the year, follow your passion (singing, painting and so on) spend quality time with family and self-exercise
  2. Only two times news update a day, read, converse and forward non-COVID messages in social media and groups

For those who are in essential services

  1. Remember the difference between being cautious and being paranoid
  2. Proud to be the warrior- armed and guarded, your service to the cause and your return to the family are equally important

For aged and those with pre-existing medical conditions

  1. Business as usual, continue medication and exercise
  2. For a change, you have people around- make full use of it!

This is not the only difficulty situation the world is encountering, and by the way, it is not difficult, it is different. This is an opportunity to use the technology- connect with people over call, video and realize that you are maintaining the social distance and not alone!



Written by: S S. Easwaran, Academic Dean, Biocon Academy

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