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Convergence of Digital Technologies & its Impact on Healthcare

Background: Digital health sector is one of the most promising areas in terms of global growth, reaching a …

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The connection between the gut microbiome and the brain

Our elders have brought us up with a simple yet deeply ingrained learning that we are what we …

Joint Work of Talented Scientists
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An Overview of the Biopharmaceutical Industry from the Perspective of a Student

Biopharmaceutical companies are engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, anddistribution of therapeutical drugs. As of 2022, the global …

Don't Waste Your Time Concept
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Make Your Time Work For You!

“We don’t have time”- the most frequent dialogue, that can be heard from the students of Biocon Academy. …

Blue blood
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The Blue Blood: A Tale of Sacrifice

Have you ever stumbled upon a quote that you might relate someone to? The quote “You sacrifice the …

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Like eating chocolates? Here’s the reason!

Imagine you are cozily lying on a bed with your favorite book in one hand while soothing music …

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Quorum sensing – A smart networking system

Who do you think controls the world? Is it Homo sapiens? Well, breaking news, it’s the microorganisms that …

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p53 – Guardian of Human Genome

Do you know 50% of cancers are caused by innate genes when mutations inactivate them? The best example …

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Where are my ATPs???? Oh no, its BDQ (sounds awfully like barbeque!)

Some say it is a sleeping pandemic, some says its untreatable…. It’s one of the most difficult bacteria …

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Cholera Toxin: The Two-Edged Sword

When we hear the term Toxin, the first thing comes to our mind is something which affects our …