Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences

Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences

Biocon Academy's flagship program, the Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences in partnership with Keck Graduate Institute, California, is a best-in-class program that aims at transforming graduate and post graduate students into professionals ready to take on the evolving challenges of the Biotech industry.

This 18-week full-time certificate program is designed to have classroom sessions that provide scientific background of the applications of Biotechnology as well as industry assignments and hands on trainings.     

Key Differentiators

  • Face-to-Face interaction with renowned subject matter experts from Biocon, Biotech industry and academia
  • Mentorship by industry experts and experienced faculty from KGI and Biocon Academy
  • 3 hours of KGI Lessons + 1 hour classroom assignments on daily basis
  • Functional visits to Biocon facilities with assignments from KGI on Quality, R&D and Regulatory
  • Professional skills development and personal grooming in weekly training sessions
  • Hands-on practical training in BiOZEEN and Thermo Fisher
  • Training on 'Biologics Process Development and Manufacturing’ at Sartorius Stedim India Training center

  • Post Classroom session and GMP training

Course Modules

The program has three major components: Technical Course Modules, Professional Skills Module and Industry-Academy Interactions

The course modules are selected carefully to meet the objective of transforming our students to industry-ready professionals.

Pharmaceutical Drug Development (BSCI 5310)

The course is designed to provide an understanding of how Pharmaceutical companies discover, develop, and bring drugs and biopharmaceuticals to market. This course will focus on development of traditional and biological drugs. It will cover the process of drug development, taking the drug substance through the process of becoming a drug product, and then into clinical development and commercialization.

Case studies from industry will be presented detailing companies and products that utilize state-of-the-art discovery techniques and advanced drug delivery systems. This is a science course that freely intersperses business and regulatory issues into the lectures and assignments.

Biopharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Control (BREG 5311)

Production of biotechnology products requires comprehensive quality standards and systems that meet global cGMP expectations and are based upon thorough scientific knowledge of the product and process. Professionals knowledgeable in the principles and practice of biopharmaceutical quality management are in high demand and hold positions of significant responsibility within the private and public sectors of the healthcare industry.

The primary goal of this course is to provide students with an advanced background in the principles and requirements of biopharmaceutical quality assurance and control. Through a series of lectures and case studies, this course will develop the critical thinking and judgment skills that are needed for the development of quality systems and the resolution of product quality issues.

Fermentation (BENG 5120)

Fermentation as a part of the bioprocess industry makes use of the microbial, animal and plant cells, and components of cells such as enzymes to manufacture enormous range of commercial products from relatively cheaper material such as industrial alcohol and organic solvents to expensive specialty chemicals such as antibiotics, therapeutic proteins and vaccines. The advancement and development of the fermentation process have led to the manufacturing of recombinant DNA derived products such as insulin, human growth hormone and interferon.

The knowledge and skills required to turn these products into commercial reality requires working with various interdisciplinary scientists and engineers to develop the necessary platforms from genetic manipulation and cell line development to scaling up the process to a pilot scale bioreactor and eventually industrial scale operations.

This course will focus on both the fermentation processes and the principles of bioprocessing engineering through a series of lectures, presentations and case studies.

Introduction to US Food and Drug Law (BREG 5000)

This course will provide students with broad general competencies in regulatory affairs for all US FDA regulated product classes (drugs, biologics and devices) throughout the product lifecycle (pre-clinical development, clinical development and post marketing). Emphasis will be placed on regulatory interactions, submissions, other communications and inspections, for each product class and for each phase of the product lifecycle. European regulations will also be reviewed.

Molecular Biotechnology (BSCI 5000)

In this module, students will be exposed to the conceptual foundations of biotechnology and the role played by discoveries and applications of molecular biology principles in advancing biotechnology horizons. This is a case-based course in which students learn about landmark original papers and patents that shaped biotechnology.

Upon completion of this course, students will gain an understanding of the concepts and techniques that are currently being used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Mammalian Cell Biotechnology (BENG 5130)

Mammalian cell biotechnology has undergone explosive growth over the last 30 years. Bioscientists skilled in mammalian cell biotechnology are in high demand. The primary goal of this course is to provide students with an advanced background in mammalian cell biotechnology. The scientific, engineering, and practical industrial aspects will be presented through a series of lectures and student presentations.

This course will focus on both the fermentation processes and the principles of bioprocessing engineering through a series of lectures, presentations and case studies. Students should have a background in chemistry, biological science or a related discipline.

Bioseparations (BENG 6140)

Bioprocess engineering, including bioseparations, was and often still is a major skill set of professionals like brewers, winemakers, or in ancient times, wizards or sorcerers. Success in large-scale recombinant protein manufacturing is a recent manifestation of a long and glorious history of the field.

The primary goal of this course is to provide students with an advanced background in bioseparations science and engineering. Graduates in molecular biology, bioengineering, and many other fields can potentially take advantage of opportunities in pharmaceutical biotechnology, biotechnology development, manufacturing, commercial operations, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, business development, licensing, and investment fund management. To access such opportunities quickly and successfully, it is valuable to understand the basic principles of bioprocess engineering and to have an advanced background in a subspecialty or application area, such as fermentation, cell culture, and/or bioseparations. This type of knowledge and experience can be applied to a career in pharmaceutical biotechnology, and to other areas of biotechnology, such as biofuels.

Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls - Regulation of Biologics (BREG 6310)

Regulatory Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) requirements determine the strategy parameters for new pharmaceutical process development and changes post approval. Knowledge of CMC requirements and relevant agencies is a key success factor in pharmaceutical approval and compliance. In particular, globalization has caused a significantly more complex regulatory environment for the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals (and medical devices). Most product supply chains are now multinationals with an increasing trend towards investment in rapidly developing but poorly regulated nations.

The development of regulatory strategies for product development and post approval changes require the understanding of many national regulatory agencies and international harmonization efforts. Often the introduction of product production and distribution improvements is limited by the effectiveness of the Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) regulatory strategy employed by the firm.

Effective CMC organizations coordinate with global regulatory agencies to develop risk-based approaches to inspection frequency and focus. Similar risk-based approaches are developed with global regulatory agencies to detect and prevent counterfeiting and product diversion.

Professionals knowledgeable in the principles and practice of regulatory CMC requirements are in high demand and hold positions of significant responsibility within the private and public sectors of the healthcare industry. The primary goal of this course is to provide students with an advanced background in the principles and requirements of regulatory CMC including Post-Approval reporting requirements, Deviation reporting, Inspection coordination and resolution, and Good Distribution Practices (GDP) practices. Through a series of lectures and case studies, this course will teach the critical thinking and judgment skills that are required for the development of CMC regulatory strategies and influence.

Professional Skills Development (PDEV 5100)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Personal Branding
  • Business & Grooming Etiquettes
  • Resume Writing Skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict Management
  • e-mail Etiquette

Eligibility Criteria

Education Qualification

  • M.Tech
  • BE/B.Tech: Biotechnology/Industrial Biotechnology,
  • M.Sc Biotechnology/Microbiology/Biochemistry/Biology
  • B. Pharm

Minimum CGPA/Percentage Required

  • CGPA: 7.5 on a scale of 10, 2.85 on a scale of 4
  • Percentage: 71%

Break in education of 1 year and less from HSC/PUC to the current highest degree, and break in career for up to a year is permissible.

Adherence to the eligibility criteria is mandatory. Kindly note the same and apply only if you fit the desired eligibility criteria as mentioned above

Loan and Assistance

Biocon Academy has tied up with Canara Bank and HDFC to offer low interest student loans with favourable repayment options to all students to help offset the expenses not covered by the Biocon Merit Scholarship.

Get it touch with us to know more about available financial assistance.

Program Fee & Scholarship

The Biocon Merit Scholarship of 60%-75% of the program cost offered to all selected students will enable them to pursue this one-of-its-kind program at an affordable cost.

Student Share: INR 2,50,000 + 18% GST

Student Facilities

At Biocon Academy, the students have to go through a rigorous curriculum so that by the time their course comes to an end, they are industry-ready and sought after by multiple companies. We encourage them to remain focussed and excel in everything they do. For the benefit of the students, we assist them with a couple of facilities to ensure they just focus on the curriculum.

Industry Placements

At Biocon Academy, we provide 100% interview opportunities to all our students. Ever since inception, Biocon Academy has witnessed 100% placement record in all the courses and batches with students being selected for leading pharma and biopharma companies and startups.


We understand that commuting to different locations for industry training can get challenging especially when students have to arrange for it themselves. Therefore, students are provided with group transport facilities from Biocon Academy to different training locations and then back to the Academy.


Throughout the course, Biocon Academy students are provided with nutritious and sumptuous lunch at the Biocon Academy premises. They also have access to beverage vending machines for tea, coffee, and milk throughout the day.


Students come to pursue studies at Biocon Academy from different parts of the country and upon their request, we provide options of nearby paying guests and hostel accommodations based on the previous student choices. Kindly note that students and their parents/guardians alone are responsible for any decision taken regarding their stay.

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