Vision & Mission


To become a recognized center for advanced learning in Biosciences that will provide the required proficiency for enhanced career prospects for Biotechnology and Engineering graduates.


To train and develop Industry ready talent for the Biopharma sector to enable global competitiveness.


Empower Engineering & Bioscience graduates with basic industrial proficiency to enhance their career prospects in the Biopharma sector

Leverage the India advantage to develop industry ready biotechnologists who partake in the journey of unlocking the potential of the Biotech sector

Persevere to develop the spirit of scientific experimentation, research and innovation in the aspiring students

Innovate to find sustainable solutions by leveraging Biotechnology, for human healthcare and life

Connect industry and academia to maximize the opportunities for aspiring biotechnologists in the industry

Transform the face of Biotech industry by developing proficient talent that addresses the issue of skill deficit of the Biotech sector