A visionary who helped us envision our life goals and evaluate our life decisions

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A visionary who helped us envision our life goals and evaluate our life decisions

A visionary who helped us envision our life goals and evaluate our life decisions. A session of half an hour deeply impacted the career path of 29 students looking to start career in the bio-pharma industry.

A scheduled interaction on 11th July, 2016 had us anticipating the meet since 6 PM the previous evening. An event every single one of us admitted at Biocon Academy was looking forward to since the commencement of the course on 8th July 2016. We could feel the vibrance in the atmosphere, the excitement of meeting one of the most influential woman in the world, an idol for many in the biotechnology world.

Amidst the clatter of a typical classroom, Dr Shaw walked in daintily, an unassuming smile she wore. My body couldn’t contain my heart and every awestruck batchmate of mine wore the same look as me on their face. True to her image, she arrived with the poise of a star that she is and better if I may say. Her talk was exuberant with all the elements to impact us as human beings rather than just as biotechnology professionals. She insisted that we strive to put up our best self to make India “A Great Country” with respect to the advancement in the field of Biotechnology. Her demeanor was of a person who genuinely cared about the progress of our country and the progress of science. She gave us an overview of what it takes to be among the top biotechnology companies in Asia and insisted on instilling values in a business. We could feel the sense of responsibility she had towards the nation, the industry and the youth considering the icon she is!

The knowledge that she imparted to us in that brief interaction was incredible. It was gripping to say the least. She encouraged us to read and be abreast of the evolving technology. This could be inferred as an ideal of an innovator. She encouraged us to pursue our dreams and not be affected by the road bumps on the way. Her address was radiant with the display of strength of character and determination of an individual who stuck to her dreams. It rubbed off on me so much that I began to contemplate a long term entrepreneurial endeavor.

The aspect that captivated me the most was the keen interest that she took when all the students were asked for their introductions and their fields of interest. She acknowledged each of our choices which made us perceive that sky is the limit and there is nothing in this world that we cannot achieve.

We really wished that Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shaw could spend a bit more time with us. But as they say, ‘Human want is endless!’ Immaterial of how long she might have stayed with us, we would be left wanting for a little more. The impact of her aura on us was immense and I can surely say that she has left an indelible mark on us forever.


Written by: Ankita Subbaiah, Batch VII of Biocon KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences 

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