A Drowning Person Clutches At A Straw

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A Drowning Person Clutches At A Straw

This pandemic (covid-19) not only created a health crisis globally but has also affected our lives and activities in so many ways in a period of just a few months the pandemic has radically transformed the lives of masses of people around the globe including students and it could be one of the biggest destroyers of job in human history.

After pursuing my Baccalaureate in pharmacy from a renowned university I wanted to pursue my masters but couldn’t (due to some reasons). Then I aimed towards a job & for about a year I’ve been kicking around ideas for what real job to get & then there seems to be a never-ending uncertainty with finding and pursuing a career that’s exciting, but the fear of not knowing what’s next is enormous.

And then I heard about the “Biocon  JSS AHER Certificate Program in Global Regulatory Affairs”. It was like “Umeed ki Kiran” (ray of hope) for me and as the drowning man clutches at straw I perceived this opportunity as a significant advancement in my career. It will surely help me envision my life goals & evaluate my life decisions. I should say I’m really lucky that I got this golden opportunity. This is the platform to hone my skills to be industry-ready.

With an intent to groom my professional skills I found Biocon to be the most suitable match I was looking for and inducted into Batch 1 of this unique program. I’m pretty much sure that the next 4 months are going to be a roller coaster ride full of excitement, learning & challenges. I am sure all my hopes are banged on target!! “Oh yes, I made the right choice”.

Authored by Priyanka, Student, Biocon JSS AHER Certificate Program in Global Regulatory Affairs - Batch 1

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