Program Courses

The course is aimed at helping the chemists to gain meaningful employment in the industry and grow faster in their careers by have a competitive edge of having gone through such intensive job skill based training that covers not only the technology but also the regulatory backdrop. The pedagogy is a proactive learning model in which the participants takes the major responsibility of learning through interactive sessions, case studies, making presentations and group discussions. The four major pillars of pedagogy include the interactive lecture, experiential learning in the state of the art labs of Biocon Limited, hands on training in high-end instrumentation at Thermo Fisher and going through a rigorous professional skills development training.

Curriculum of this program is developed in view of the job descriptions of quality professionals and on consultation with the senior leaders of Quality Units. It is carefully designed to address a heterogeneous group of participants and at the same time to orient them to the uniform objectives of the industry. The curriculum has informative, analytical, application and regulatory aspects of the key components of Quality Control Analytical domain.

8 weeks full-time program comprising of theory, experiential learning, hands on training in the following areas:

Basic toolkit

Quality Management System

Analytical Instrumentation-Spectral and Electrometric methods

Analytical Instrumentation- Chromatographic methods Part I

Analytical Instrumentation- Chromatographic methods Part II

Hands on training at Thermo Fisher

Quality analysis

Stability testing