‘New Start’ to Stay Healthy, Everyday

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‘New Start’ to Stay Healthy, Everyday

In this modern day and age even though the importance of good health is known to all, little effort is taken to care for oneself.  When we say health, it’s not only about physical wellbeing but also a state of metal soundness. This ongoing pandemic and being locked down at our homes has evoked an awareness in me about the importance of being totally in peace with my body and my mind and I think what we all need is a “NEW START”, an old concept but worth rethinking. This might be a new term to some of you but let me take you through it step by step. This poise sustenance is a result of different factors coming together in harmony, such as;

N – Nutrition

E – Exercise

W – Water

S – Sunlight

– Temperance

A -Air

– Rest

T – Trust

Let us now go through each of these factors.

We all know how important nutrition is. A balanced and well supplemented diet is a key element in a healthy living. It helps maintain your immune system, delays the effects of aging, gives you more energy, it also lengthens your life and it should also be consistent, not a one day act. So, let us forget an apple a day and start saying “Good nutrition every day keeps the doctor away”.

Next key element is exercise. Exercise is a lifestyle. We should incorporate an exercise schedule on a regular basis ideally for 30 minutes, three to four times a week. Exercise can be made a hobby, a healthy hobby.

Next up is water. Keeping hydrated is a necessity rather than a need. The benefits of drinking sufficient amount of water is a widely known and talked about tale. Its benefits start from regulating our body temperature to helping with the proper functioning of our kidneys and our brain. Each cell in our body needs water. It is ideal to drink about 2-3 liters of water every day.

Next is sunshine. Do ensure that your body gets a moderate amount of sunshine for at least for 15 minutes every day. Between 11am to 3pm is the ideal time. Sunlight is very essential for the synthesis of vitamin D in our body.

Now moving to temperance. It is very essential to stay away from things and substances that are harmful to our health and equally important to moderate things that are considered beneficial. A juicy burger every day sounds good but NO! Once a week or twice a month can do you no harm. It’s not about avoiding, its more about bringing a balance.

Another important one, air. We all know air is essential for human survival. It is also very important that the air we breathe is pure, even though mostly we have to compromise on that due to the age we are in. The quality of air can be improved in many ways including planting of trees and doing your part in reducing air pollution.

Next element is rest. Adequate amount of rest is very essential. It rejuvenates your body and your mind, involved in learning and memory function and regulates your mood. But be careful to not overdo it because it can lead to many health risks. For adults about 6-8 hours for sleep is required that too at night.

Finally, the last key element, trust in a divine power. Some of you may find this irrelevant but for me, this element is equally or more important. I have seen that maintaining a daily personal relation with God has helped me to be sane in the most insane situations. I am not stressing too much on this point because it is a choice as is each of the other elements I have mentioned. So to wrap it up let me say you this, our life is a result of our choices so be sure to make the right choices.

Authored by

Meera Anna Joseph

Biocon Ramaiah Certificate Program in Quality Control Analytical – Batch 3

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