Algae as potential food –Superfood

algae as super food
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Algae as potential food –Superfood

Algae are an extremely important biological instruments for balance, protection and sustenance of our environment and could be made an even more important component of our ecosystem. Scientists are increasingly realizing the importance of incorporation of algae in our food chain and food web. Now that we all know how important algae are for our planet, or for our humankind, we have to assess their value and soon identify their key usefulness and the capability they possess in the environment. However, according to me the most significant use of algae could be as a potential food, a superfood which would miraculously work wonders for human health.

So, since algae are known to possess so many health benefits and wonderful healing properties, being loaded with nutrients including antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals & vitamins which are scanty in other foodstuffs, it is imperative that why not we use them as food for human or as feed for animals. Although humans have been consuming some algae since ancient times in some cultures where algae laden fountain water were drunk, or in the oriental cultures, where seaweeds are consumed as veggie delicacies. Currently, Spirulina & Chlorella tablets or food supplements were huge hits with the nutraceutical companies.

Since, algae is a superfood and a food of the future since very less resources are required for growing them & given that they are basic & natural & purely vegetarian and vegan, they are going to be everywhere, across all the cuisines in the coming decades and this century. However, it is now in our hands as to how we can aesthetically incorporate them in our food by designing gourmet recipes and cuisines, processing them in nicest of ways, extracting superb ingredients out of them which could replace or supplement the undesirable, unhealthy or expensive ingredients in our food giving them an edge over other products in terms of nutrition.

Algalin, is such a wonder product from algae which is a conjugate of an algal butter & algal protein. It would replace all vegan butters in the market given its additional protein content & its wonderful properties that would enliven the baking industry. So, here comes the “Algalin”. It would replace all vegan butters in the market given its additional protein content & its wonderful properties that would enliven the baking industry. Algalin is basically a yellowish powdery product which actually comprises of two components the algal fat and the algal protein. The algal fat of algalin, a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, is a healthy fat and can easily replace butter in gourmet and bakeries as a vegan option, which in fact tastes slightly better and gives a better texture to the bakery products. The algal protein in the Algalin has a very high protein content on the lines of the blue-green wonder algae Spirulina, rich in all the amino acids. Thus in the coming years algae is going to play a role in our food in a big way and algalin will be a major forerunner in the algal food category.


Authored by Nahid from Biocon JSS AHER Certificate Program in Global Regulatory Affairs - Batch 1

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