A. Biocon Academy is a separate entity than Biocon Ltd. It is into the mission of training and developing industry-ready talent for the Biopharma sector to enable global competitiveness.

A. Biocon Academy offers a 16 week full-time Certificate Course in association with Keck Graduate Institute (KGI). This program is designed for undergraduate and post graduate students of Engineering and Life Sciences.

A. KGI is a specialized graduate school in Claremont, California, USA, that educates future leaders of the Bioscience industry through distinctive Professional Science Masters and PhD programs. KGI offers integrated Life Science, Engineering and Business curriculums that focus on industry projects and collaborations. It is globally recognized for its premier Professional Science Master’s program which is rated amongst the top 10 in the US.

A. The Biocon-KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences is a unique customized program to make the bioscience graduate with general science background ready for working in the industry set up.

A. Students who have completed BE/BTech. in Biotechnology/Industrial Biotechnology or M.Sc. in Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Technology/Microbiology/Biochemistry or a Degree in Pharmacy with a score: 7.5 CGPA or 71. 25% and above are eligible to apply. Please note adherence to the eligibility criteria is strictly mandatory.

A. Total course fee for the Biocon-KGI Certificate Program in Biosciences is INR 7, 00,000. Amount payable by students is INR 1, 75, 000 + Service Tax. The rest of the amount i.e. 75% of the overall fee is paid by Biocon Ltd as a Scholarship for all selected candidates.

A. The course has been designed to deliver insights in the areas of production, quality, R&D and regulatory affairs, which not only enhances your profile, but also augments your employability index. Successful completion of the program assures an interview opportunity with leading Biopharmaceutical Companies including Biocon Limited.

A. Our faculty comprises of Subject Matter Experts from Biocon Academy, KGI and experts from the industry. Profile details of our faculty can be viewed here.

A. The Certificate Program is offered by Biocon Academy in association with Keck Graduate Institute, which is a registered institute under the US Law.

A. The duration of the program is 16 weeks.

A. The eligibility for financial assistance is decided during the interview and selection process.

A. The program does not guarantee placement. However, by its curriculum design, the program ensures near complete readiness to work in an industry and thereby offers an interview opportunity with leading Biopharmaceutical companies including Biocon Ltd.

A. We do not offer any internship opportunity.

A. Certainly yes, after a gap of six months, as long as your application is not rejected due to any reason that violates the requirements as per the norms of Biocon Academy or KGI.

A. The academy can suggest places for accommodation, however the stay and transportation to the academy is required to be arranged by the student.

A. The program trains you in specific areas and topics that are recognized technically by any related industry.

A. Upto 30 students are enrolled in one batch of the program.

A. Yes, it is a full time program that includes academia-industry interactions. The duration of the course is 16 weeks and comprises of 4 hrs classroom training four times a week and functional visit to Biocon facilities thrice a week. Special modules on Guest Lectures and Professional Skills Development are planned twice a week.

A. You can apply for the program online.


The program helps you develop industry ready skills enhancing your employment prospects in the Biotech industry.

  • Applications Know-How of industry specific topics
  • Hands on learning experiences on various Bio-Process and Quality Control Techniques
  • Exposure to various technologies in research
  • Exposure to international drug regulations
  • Exposure to World class training sessions conducted by KGI

A. After completing the program, you can leverage career opportunities in the areas of Production, Quality control & assurance, Research & Development and Regulatory Affairs in Bioscience industry.

A. The course comprises topics relevant to Biopharmaceutical industry and therefore any organizations who are in to the production/research of Biomolecules would hire from the campus.

A. The scope is specific to Biopharmaceutical industries and is spread across the countries who are in to the production of Vaccines, Recombinant Therapeutic Proteins, Monoclonal Antibodies, etc.

A. In addition to its flagship program i.e. Biocon-KGI Certificate program in Biosciences, Biocon Academy offers a Certificate Program in Bioscience Management an executive Program for entry level managers from various departments of a biopharmaceutical organization encompassing R&D, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control and Production etc.

A. List of documents to be submitted include: Consolidated Mark sheet/Transcript, Resume, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Reference letter.
In circumstances where in, a student is still pursuing the program and is awaiting the results, we accept consolidate mark sheet till the most recent examination appeared that the student has appeared for.

A. Annually, we conduct three batches each comprising of an intensive 16 weeks training module. For application details of our next batch visit Online

A. While, Biocon Academy would certainly like to accept applications from the PhD candidates who wish to pursue the Biocon-KGI program, the recruiters who visit our campus for the recruitment program find it difficult to meet career aspirations of these candidates.

A. Break in education 1 year and less from HSC/PUC to the current highest degree, and break in career for up to a year is permissible.

A. Adherence to the eligibility criteria is strictly mandatory and is not flexible under any circumstances.